The only trouble I've had with a scope I've mounted was on my 460 Weatherby. I used Leupold mounts with dovetail front base and the windage adjustment rear base - i.e. the standard mounts. It just took about 4 or 5 shots until the scope walked forward and pulled the rear ring completely off the rear base. The underside of the windage adjustment screws deformed and let go. I took it to a gunshop and showed them what happened and they came up with some thicker head screws and installed them and it's held ever since. I've shot about 350-400 shots since then.

Funny thing is that I was planning on buy this rifle and having it rechambered to the 510 Barnes Supreme to get a little more horsepower than the standard 460W. After that 1st day of touching off the 500 grain Hornady Solids @ 2,700fps, I decided that it would do as it came from the factory. \:\)