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Its disappointing to see so many fellow sportsman so anti law enforcement. Law enforcement need to better armed than the thugs. Sorry guys, but you go out and walk a beat and confront a bad guy with just a 40 cal. glock. These thugs arm to the teeth. Just like our military everyone likes to run that mouth and criticize but few want to go fight for our rights. Put on that badge or flack jacket. Until you do, Just a thank you will do, and just set on your behinds and soak up the freedom we've provide.

So explain to me how it is morally superior for a LEO to have 15 rounds to defend himself while my wife is being raped by 3 thugs because she only had 7 rounds.

I don't believe he (Yotekiller011) wants anybody to have restriction on the number of rounds they could carry. He was pointing out that criminals will not follow the law and only carry 7 rounds so does it make sense to restrict the police from carrying more than 7 rounds.

Keep in mind this post was about law makers forgetting to exclude LEO and retired LEO from the 7 round restriction. I answered the question early on and keep in mind I didn't make the law nor did I say it was fair to any citzen of NY. I was able to answer the question since I have knowledge in this field.

The thread went from LEO being able to carry more bullets, to LEO being criminals and going to prison. That's normally par for this site and I never seen where they were going to exclude LEO that went to prison from this law. Since that's the case you got to wonder why that came up, I don't have to wonder and it's clear to me.

I personally don't know any LEO that's for these restriction and all the LEO I know are pro gun. I hope I helped clear this up and this thread went a little side ways like most LEO threads do on this site.

YES.... There have been LEO that has went to prison and I know a few that I had to help put there but this thread never had anything to do with LEO being criminals. It only had to do with LEO carrying more rounds and that must of made a few mad..... Just my 2 cents and carry on.

Wrong. Nobody got mad at all unless you did. Another poster made it sound like some people were posting anti-LEO posts on this thread and you helped them along saying it was on the first page. He also made it sound like LEO's were holier that thou and some of inculing me posted that LEO's were regular people and they DID happen to break the law. So go back and take it out opn him.
A Government that does not trust its law abiding citizens to keep and bear arms, is itself unworthy of trust..... - James Madison