I watched a nice documentary on PBS tonight. Small Farm Rising profiles one growing season on three farms in New York. I really like that the documentary shows some of the less glamorous aspects of small farms. They showed a goat going through a very difficult delivery, and my favorite the killing of a beef cow in the field. They did not show the actual shot only the audio of the shot. But, they showed the farmer walk through the herd, rifle in hand, take aim for a head shot, and then the dead cow laying in the field, with the farmer talking about what it's like to walk up to a cow and shoot it. Later on, they showed them removing the cow from the field with a tractor, skinning the carcass, and quartering it. I have watched a lot of these type of documentaries. This was the first one I have seen be so open about slaughtering. Pretty impressive.

You can visit the website and see if it's showing on your local PBS station. Here's the link:

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