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#3127443 - 01/16/13 08:23 PM Re: Odd situations that ruined one of your hunts [Re: dralarms]
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Loc: Grundy county

Just dogs and other hunters. No big deal.
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#3127509 - 01/16/13 08:56 PM Re: Odd situations that ruined one of your hunts [Re: timberjack86]
WestTn Huntin'man
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Registered: 11/19/06
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Loc: Benton Co.

Hunting WestVaco paper company land. Had a man come out in the woods hollering looking for someone. It was his son in law. He spooked a buck I was watching. I heard a shot pretty soon afterwards. I was ready to be pissed. He was looking for his son in law. The daughter/wife was pregnant her water had broke.Dude tagged the buck and took off. I helped the father in law drag it out and load it up.
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#3127632 - 01/16/13 09:47 PM Re: Odd situations that ruined one of your hunts [Re: WestTn Huntin'man]
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I was xbow one evening, had a deer coming straight to me, 150,100, 75,50 yards.. then my wife pulls in the driveway, hits the garage door opener.. my dog comes barreling out.. straight for my stand.. the deer tears out for parts unknown..
also had a big gobbler one spring about 15 yards from me, all it had to do was walk across the property line and it was mine.. it was coming straight towards me.. i had my gun up and had already said to myself I had killed one.. nothing was stopping this bird.. except a herd of deer that came charging out of no where and scared it off.. a few minutes later here comes 2 dogs that were chasing the deer,,,
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#3127649 - 01/16/13 09:53 PM Re: Odd situations that ruined one of your hunts [Re: dralarms]
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This past season, I had two guys pull their boat on the bank of Priest at 7am, 100yards from the pinch point I was hunting, and jump out of the boat and start sword fighting for about 10 minutes and then they gather every bit of old wood they could find and built what looked like a 10ft high bonfire right there. Then last year I had part of the percussion section from Antioch High School's Marching Band come marching through at 4pm and then back through at 615pm. You want a ruined hunt.....come sit with me, it's almost a guaranteed event! \:\)
#3127662 - 01/16/13 10:05 PM Re: Odd situations that ruined one of your hunts [Re: TNDeerGuy]
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Loc: Murfreesboro, TN

9:00 a.m. opening day I was on an inside edge watching a buck come out of the woods at my 10. He started acting shifty and kept looking out in front of the tree I was in. He blew off right when I noticed two of the neighbor's dogs sniffing each other's butts and the other two enjoying a "rut" of their own. I was pissed, but I couldn't help but laugh.
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#3127694 - 01/16/13 10:48 PM Re: Odd situations that ruined one of your hunts [Re: dsa5455]
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Loc: Goodlettsville,Tennessee,USA

I have been deer hunting over 40 years and had something happen I never had to happen b4. I had a big buck chasing 4 does come over the opposite hillside of the hollow I was watching. I got ready for them to come up my side for a wide open shot when all of a sudden they scattered back up the other side and jumped the fence and gone ! I was dumbfounded as to what tipped them off until I heard this weird noise and seen something going up that side of the hill. It was a darn Jack A$$ or Donkey however you want to call it but it chased those deer right out of there. Come to find out it was a neighbors and it had been a problem for some time by chasing and kicking the cows on the farm. I come within a hair shooting that sucker and claiming it was a MULE DEER... \:D
#3128080 - 01/17/13 10:02 AM Re: Odd situations that ruined one of your hunts [Re: MRUTVOL]

Registered: 12/05/03
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Loc: TN

Buddy and me in line at Ft Campbell one year waiting on a permit, git to talking to an older guy, very friendly and talked our ears off for a couple hours. Turns out he was alone and got the same area we did for the afternoon. He follows us and parks beside us, asks if he can walk in and hunt the same general area as us since he's alone. Sure I say, not knowing this would be the worst mistake of the week!!! He comes out with a aluminum extension ladder painted camo for his treestand, banging and clanging all the way in along the firebreak. Im tickled to death when he finally says Ill hunt here and enters the woods, as im hurrying on out of his life forever. Not an hour later im settled in my stand and just had passed a couple does when I hear a shot from his direction. Within minutes he's screaming, Help, Help, over and over again. I just knew he had either shot himself or fell out of that silly ladder. I take off to help not knowing what I was about to walk in on. As I get close I see him on the ground standing over a lil one antlered buck, jumping up and down excited as heck. Im like whats wrong, and he says I killed one and knew you wouldnt mind helping me??? As mad as I am I dont say anything because he's so excited. He says if you will help me gut it and keep an eye on it while I go get my truck I would appreciate it. Sure I say just hurry! Next thing he does is lay his finger open to the bone trying to gut it, and as he's freaking out, you guessed it I end up gutting it for him! I tell him to go get the truck and congrats! He begs me to stay with the deer in fear someone will steal it?? Yeah right, nobody within a mile after the scene he's made. He gets a hundred or so yards away and starts yelling back for me to be watching and maybe I will kill one too!!!
Almost in disbelief I think well atleast once he's gone I will still have a couple hours to hunt. 20 mins later I hear something coming down the firebreak that sounds like a marching band and symbols clashing wildly. He's doing 30 mph in his little s10 that has a soft cover on the bed, beer cans bouncing out at every bump. He pulls up and the bed is 3/4 full of beer cans, no joke 3/4 full end to end top to bottom! Jumps out and drops the tailgate with more cans flying! Im ready to run when we load the deer and he lays it across the tailgate as it wont fit in with all the cans!! We say our goodbyes as Im about to take off running! \:\) He pulls maybe 50 ft and stops yelling out the window, I forgot my gun! Im starting to trot now as he puts it in reverse and starts backwards at mach speed, first bump the deer flies off and he runs all the way over it! Im trying to get him stopped and once he does he realizes what happened and puts it in drive and literally runs back over the lil buck!! Im in tears now and he's yelling and laughing hey will you help me one more time?? When he finally pulls from sight I literally dive in the brush and hide, fully expecting he will be back!! Ive never wanted peace and quiet more in my life!!!

#3128088 - 01/17/13 10:14 AM Re: Odd situations that ruined one of your hunts [Re: Winchester]
Wes Parrish
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Registered: 06/12/02
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Loc: Knoxville-Dover-Union City, TN

Well, will be hard to top how Winchester had a hunt ruined!

So I won't even try, but will share an unusual experience I once had which "may" have run off any nearby deer. All I can say is I didn't see any deer that day. Sure scared the crap out of me for a split second, then left me with a once in a lifetime experience of nature.

One morning I was sitting about 20 feet high in a tree bowhunting on the edge of a swamp near the Mississippi River. I was enjoying getting to see a group of several wood ducks messing around near the base of my tree. This was probably around 8AM in the morning when something most unexpected happened. Out of no where, suddenly something HUGE was right in my face! It was a bald eagle! This HUGE eagle passed mere feet in front of my face as it was diving to catch a wood duck.

It grabbed one of the wood ducks, and the rest went flying like a flushed covey of quail, making more racket than I've ever heard ducks make! Remarkably, the targeted duck escaped from the eagle's clutch about 3 seconds after lift-off, as this monstrous bird of prey was lifting away high into the sky. The air in front of me was full of duck feathers, and the escaped wood duck came flying into the woods with about 3 screaming quacks per second.

Would say the duck likely died later from his wounds, but he did escape from the eagle, and I suspect any deer in the area quickly vacated from all the commotion. Seeing this, especially so close, was quite a spectacle of nature, and one of my most treasured moments ever afield.

#3128245 - 01/17/13 11:42 AM Re: Odd situations that ruined one of your hunts [Re: Wes Parrish]
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Some good storys \:\)
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#3128515 - 01/17/13 03:21 PM Re: Odd situations that ruined one of your hunts [Re: Football Hunter]
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Low flying airplane, one of those single person planes, spooked a group of does coming through a field right towards me.
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