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#3117450 - 01/10/13 09:22 AM Re: Worst "spanking"? [Re: Crappie Luck]
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Thats a tough way to grow up guys sorry you had to go thru that.
William G Kollock

#3117457 - 01/10/13 09:26 AM Re: Worst "spanking"? [Re: BlountArrow]
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My mom and dad were and are good people. Our relationship is good. I live over 600 miles from where I grew up. My parents grew up in a very strict environment and my dad only knew how to bring me up in the same way in which he was raised.

Kids today could certainly benefit from more discipline. Maybe not what I was exposed to. But timeouts and banning of priveleges are a joke...
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#3117459 - 01/10/13 09:27 AM Re: Worst "spanking"? [Re: Rebel]
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 Originally Posted By: Rebel
 Originally Posted By: huntintn
worse spanking? Spent 4 days in the hospital over a broke glass. Spankings were unheard of, beatings are what we got, remember being kept home from school because of the bruises. Bad memories right here.

I can relate to that. I left home and joined the marines when I was 17. It was for the best...

WoW! Sorry guys - those situations are why it's seen as wrong to spank children today. There's Spanking and then there's Beating.. 2 totally different things for sure and again, sorry you had to endure that.
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#3117461 - 01/10/13 09:28 AM Re: Worst "spanking"? [Re: BlountArrow]

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Oh did I get some good ones! I had the blood cut out of my legs with a big switch (more like a limb) more than once! I will say however I never got one I didnt deserve. My parents were great but my Dad took no bull whatsoever and his whippings would leave an impression for some time. Im so glad i got them as well, kept me from going down the wrong road more than once.
#3117462 - 01/10/13 09:29 AM Re: Worst "spanking"? [Re: WGK]
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Grandma's plum tree switch was pretty bad!!

My dad was a Marine and was pretty good at intimidating, if that didnt work it was web belt time. If that did not work completely, dry wall repair would be in my future! I sure miss my dad, he was hard but he loved his family the same way. I remember I had a sixth grade teacher who picked me up off the ground by my neck and I kicked him in the nether regions to get away...thought my dad was going to kill him when he found out.

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#3117472 - 01/10/13 09:35 AM Re: Worst "spanking"? [Re: Crappie Luck]
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This is going to sound bad, But i was 10 years old and shot my Grandmother (DAD'S Mom) in the thigh with a BB gun. My dad traveled through the week and mom never spanked us, But Grannie wanted us to come in and i didn't want to and aim the gun at some wrought iron colunms we had and fired, it bounced off it and into her thigh. Dad came home that weekend and never said anything, got up saturday morning and he said " lets go shoot your bb gun" I grab it and out the door i went. He tooked the gun and wrapped it around a small pine tree and then the whopping started and the the last thing he said to me was he would never buy me another gun and he didn't. He did however give me one about two years ago as a gift.Felt bad that i did it but my butt felt even worse. I did at the ripe age of 16 think i was to old to be whopped anymore and stood up to him and the last thing i remember was me laying in the yard with a sore jaw and him standing over me saying "don't ever thing you can whopp me again" and i never had.Funny now but hurt like hell when it happened!!!!
Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway. John Wayne

#3117505 - 01/10/13 09:54 AM Re: Worst "spanking"? [Re: BlountArrow]
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I did not make good grades in school. I don't remember how old I was but I had a mid-semester progress report that was not good and had to be signed. I always went to my dad's store after school and had to hang out upstairs. I decided I would do some experimenting and see if I could "change" my grades.

I started out by putting the progress report on the copier and making a copy. I then "changed" my grades on the copy instead of the original just in case it looked terrible. It actually looked really good and I was so proud of my artistic abilities that I took the prosress report to dad right then. He told me good job and signed it. Once I got it signed I was going to put it under a light and trace the signature onto the original. Unfortunately I forgot about the original and one of my dad's co-workers found it on the copier.

By the time I relized I had left it there, mom had already picked me up and I was home. He called and told her to make me wait in my room. I was in my bad when he came in with his belt in his hand. He told me to get out of the bed and I refused. He pulled me out of that bed so fast and beat the daylights out of me. That was the worst one I remember.

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#3117547 - 01/10/13 10:25 AM Re: Worst "spanking"? [Re: Barrett]
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Had more than I care to remember. Mom and dad divorced when I was 6. Dad lived 7 hours away. Only whippin he ever gave me was for getting his best 2 coon dog pups tore up. Me and my cousin 10yrs old we were decided take the pups out and let them tree while we squirrel hunted. Well long story short dogs treed a bobcat and we shot him out, and boy was he mad when he hit the ground. Dogs and him went at it, he won. Dad beat us both bout death with a combo of a limb and belt. RIP

Mom would beat you without hestitation or care. Worst from here I was about 12 and snuck my puppy in my room cause it was cold out. Puppy ran out of room and got on moms fresh mopped floor and it was on. Thank God my step dad was home, she pinned me in a corner and let me have it. Broke nose, black eye, busted lip and 2 broke finger later he finally pulled her off me. I forgave her and she pretended it never happen. I never whip my son if im mad, and I always explain to him why he is being displined.

#3117555 - 01/10/13 10:33 AM Re: Worst "spanking"? [Re: REM7]
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 Originally Posted By: REM7
...Thank God my step dad was home, she pinned me in a corner and let me have it. Broke nose, black eye, busted lip and 2 broke finger later he finally pulled her off me...

I'm not sure how you forgive that, but good that you could.
"The world is so dreadfully managed, one hardly knows to whom to complain."
-Ronald Firbank

#3117563 - 01/10/13 10:38 AM Re: Worst "spanking"? [Re: BlountArrow]
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My worst ever were the switch's and normally when I was made to go GET the switch and would come back with one that you couldnt have done much with \:D

NEVER got one I didnt deserve and sure slipped around MANY somehow ;\)

I think my worst was when I was about 15 - little brother was 13.. He threw something SO being the idiot I was my shoe became my weapon of choice (and you old guys know how stiff an ole shoe was in the 70's) Thank the Lord i missed him and the show went thru the sheetrock - stuck in the wall! My mom had a huge antique painting there so I moved it over about 16" to cover the hole \:D And within an hour of her being home she decided to move the pic back to center and walla - the great hole \:D That whipping was one to remember \:D
Patriotism is not short, frenzied outbursts of emotion, but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime.

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