Like everyone else yesterday was a emotional day for me, the last hunt of the season.

I jumped 2 does walking in to my blind and that wasn't what I wanted. I was hoping to either kill a doe for the HFTH program or a big wall hanging buck.

I got set up in my stand at 600AM, it was dark with the clouds overhead and so many beech trees still having leaves it was really dark. I could hear "animals" moving on the hillside across from me, but no light to see what it was. When the sun finally came up enough, I could see 1 young 4 point "fork" buck pushing leaves around and chasing squirrels. He "played" in front of me for 30 minutes, finally he walked away. I figure he was part of that group of bucks I saw last weekend walking that same hillside and they were the noises I heard in the dark.

I sat for another few hours, watching the squirrels as the wind picked up. Finally I gathered my stuff up and walked out of the woods for the last time. I was thankful for being able to use them and for the deer I took off them.

I'm already looking forward to finding a new place and get ready for next season.
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