I have a CZ 527 Varmint 223 that will drive nails,,it has the 4.5-14 LR/T M1 scope and a 25 Minute taper rail,I had the Burris XTR rings and with a 100 yard zeroI had 65 Minutes of elevation which is good past 1,000 yards with 69 and 75 gr bullets,,

I have got lost coming back down to zero more times than I care to admit,,I found a solution,,a set of Burris Signature rings with the offset inserts,,what I wound up with was the 25 minute base and 20 minutes in the rings for a total 45 minute taper,which when zeroed at 100 yards I am 13 minutes from the very bottom of the scopes adjustments,,

so when I get up 50-60 minutes and need to come back to my 100 base zero I just turn the knob down until it hits bottom and come back up to the first zero and wala.

which leaves me with 90 Minutes of elevation adjustments,I doubt ever using that but its there.

I think I am gonna get a 40 taper base for the 338 and set the 3-15 Weaver Tactical scope up the same way,,except it is setup with Mil Reticle and .1 mil adjustments and has 35 mils adjustments,,which with the VLD bullets should make a mile easy and may reach 2,000..
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