So I ordered a Zeiss 4.5-14x44 silver scope from SWFA a few days before Christmas so that I could take advantage of the rebate Zeiss was offering. I placed the order and a day or so later got an email that they were out of stock. They were expecting a shipment any day and that they would fill my order then. I spoke with customer service who assured me that Zeiss would honor the rebate as long as my scope was on backorder by 12/31, when the rebate ended even if the shipment had not come in by then. I accepted this and sent them an email yesterday to see if the shipment had come in. Today I get an email saying I would not be getting a scope because they oversold them and that this scope was being discontinued and they did not get enough to fill their orders. The worst part is that I could have ordered this from someone else prior to the rebate deadline of 12/31 and saved $100. I really feel that this was unethical and will certainly not be buying from them again.