I went out yesterday for an afternoon hunt. I left my climber home because I was going to use a stand I hung early this season. "Was" is the key word, after seeing the stand stolen and climbing pegs also, the only thing left was my safety strap and caribiner! Ground hunt it is! I did a quick scout and decided to bed next to an old hackberry tree with bamboo and scrub foliage as cover. 3 hours later (5pm) I was in the magic hour and as I scanned from my right slowly to the left I saw a buck I longed to see this year. He was 40 feet away! This boy has grown from spike to an incredible 8 point beauty! He came to my left and stopped to check out a lick branch. To my demise I had no cover and while I tried to connect my release to the string, my release "clicked" and I had to re-attach it again. The buck heard the click, his ears turned and then he raised his head my way. I froze awaiting a chance to pull my bow string then with a commanding snort wheeze he stomped and ran away with amazing speed with the ever so popular whte flag of "HAHA sucker" waving at me! Having the opportunity to see this buck still alive is incredible and I hope to encounter him again this season, except I will be in my climber this time!
This is my year for deer!
2007 PSE Brute HP
Muzzy 3 Blade 125 Grain
Gold Tip Extreme Hunter 55/75 Arrows
Patience Patience Patience