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Despite the pouring rain I had a great hunt this morning got another doe for the freezer! Strange story to go with it wished I'd had video of it.
About 9am I saw a doe run through the edge of the overgrown field I was hunting over and about 30yds behind there was a coyote chasing behind her no chance at a shot on either one and figured that was my morning.
A couple minutes later the doe came into field at about 100yds or so and I was able to put her down when she stopped for a second to look back.
The doe had'nt even hit the ground when a coyote came barreling in straight for her like he was going to attack her I got off a shot and he tumbled but ran off I never found him I must have just burned him I guess.
Strangest thing I've ever saw hunting anyone else had this happen?
I will try to put pic's up later.

i watched a coyote chase a doe up a ridge in jackson county. about 10 minutes later they came back down the ridge with the doe stomping the snot out of that yote.
experienced hunters know its not just a bushy white tail, its a big middle finger.

nothing makes a fish bigger than almost being caught