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And even though Im 48 years old now, I still call my dad and share the story with him. He doesn't hunt anymore but still loves talkin' bout it.

Thats funny. First thing I do with every single deer is call my dad too even if he's with me or not. Buck or doe. Ive been hunting for 22yrs and to this day he still hurridly makes his way to me if he's there. Every single deer I have killed I always think back to the first one and how happy it made us both. I always take a second to thank god for my success. No matter what it is. I cant stand it when guys on tv praise god when they kill a big buck but u see the same guys shoot a doe and dont say anything. I took my 3yr old to watch me kill one this season and I showed him how we thank god for bringing us this beautiful animal today and how this harvest was part of the circle of life. So this ritual will be passed on to him also.