First let me introduce myself. My name is John Fields and I've been a TNdeer member for a while. I am Facebook friends with many members and look forward to making friends with many more.
I am in the National Guard, and I work full time as a technician at the Jackson TN flight facility. (The little Army helicopters that fly around West TN, thats us) We, in Aviation, have an organization called AAAA (Quad A) Army Aviation Association of America We are in the Volunteer Chapter. Every year each of the three facilities (Jackson, Alcoa and Smyrna TN) do a fund-raiser to earn money for scholarships in the name of our fallen Aviators. There are 5 of these lost Aviators in the state of TN. Here in Jackson, we do a chili cookoff. The cook-off was this past Saturday (Dec 15th) and we raised almost $8000.00 this year! We do chili teams and concessions, etc. But, we also have a silent auction which brings a lot of money. The auction items are all donated from local businesses. THIS leads me to my question... We had a donation from the Goodman Ranch in Henderson, TN for a Byron Ferguson Spring Archery Class. It did not sell... My fear is that even though we had some hunters there, none were true blue bare bone archery guys and recognized who he was. I have been given permission to post this item on TNdeer. It is for a great cause, and 100% of the money raised will go straight to the scholarship fund. I will list a few links here of the cook-off, the class website, etc. I would like to make this a sticky for a week and start the bid at $300. It is a $1500 class! Thanks for your understanding and time. -John

(You can see some pics of the gift certificate on this FB page)!/events/410716332328762/
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