All this talk bout coyotes, foxes, bobcats got me fired up to see some of y'alls rigs, calls, gear stuffs you guys haul out when ya "Get ta callin". I have noticed over the past few years since i have become addicted to coyotes that most predator hunters are for the most part are "gear hogs"....almost as bad as turkey hunters. After a lot of trial and mostly errors i have come up with what you see below...small package, lite accurate rifle easy for an old feller like me to haul around all day. I am intrested because would love to some others ideas and reasons why you carry what you showed you show me yours \:\)

Stevens 200 in .223REM pushin 77gr Nosler HPBT or 55gr Hornaday VMAX
Weaver 2.5X10X44 30MM with MilDots (easier for me than BDC)
FoxPro Scorpion
Handful of hand calls
Binos - 10X42
Cushion for bum (old guys have to have soft place to sit)
Feather on a stick (cheapest most effective decoy i have used,easy to carry and no batteries)