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What you see on one hunt is absolutely meaningless.

I saw 21 does/yearlings in a single file line walk by me in Ky last weekend. No bucks. Is that meaningless too? Serious question not poking fun.

Yes, it's meaningless as for understanding the herd dynamics of the area. However, huge groups of antlerless deer traveling together outside of winter sometimes has meaning. It usually means that the area has experienced little doe harvests. One of the signs of a heavy doe harvest is the breaking up of social groups, and the largest doe social group seen will be one mature doe and her offspring from the last couple of years (usually one 2 1/2 year-old doe [her daughter]), and the mature doe and the daughter's fawn(s) from this year. It is very common in heavy doe harvest areas to see no doe social group larger than 5 members.

makes sense, thanks
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