I went out to a small place i hunt in eads today. I havent been there since early bow season but this place is loaded with deer, mainly does but theres a few bucks. I sat there for about 45minutes and had three does walk out, then came a 6 thathas some potential for next year. Then 3 more does came out. One of em was odd she was about 35-40% black. The coolest/prettiest deer ive ever seen. I wanted to take her, 50yards broadside i put the scope on her pulled back the hammer on my marlin 35, but lowerd it and didnt fire. I dont need the meat because ive shot 3deer already this year. Ive never shot a deer just for trophy means but danged if i wasnt tempted so i could tan that hide. It was a fun hunt anyways even if i didnt shoot a deer.

Heres a pic of my shootin irons.