Got a chance to hunt a place I dont get to often but my bud is wanting some does thinned out
i set up on the only field on the ground saw 10 does and 4 bucks had a lil spike going at it with a 6 pointer and last light produces a tall racked 7 point but not real wide about 12-13 inches wide aleast what i could tell at a long distance

around 4:20 i picked out this doe nothing like the sound of a 120 NBT smacking one at 215 yds she ran about 40-50 yds perfect double lung shot

i was hunting another place this morn fell asleep and woke up with 6 adult does staring at me from 10 yds it was funny

nef single shot
120 nbt over max re 19 3295 fps
ole burris fulfield 2 3-9x40

Drag Racing

Spending money I dont have

on things I dont need

to impress people I dont know