if the "bumping" is random and sparse, I don't worry about it.

If it seems to be a consistent thing, I wonder if maybe I should hunt this area in the afternoon instead.

I have certain open areas I hunt from time to time and never go in there in the morning. Most times I go in around lunch and hunt until dark...

Bumping deer on occasion can be frustrating , but doing it consistently is simply sloppy hunting.

Some areas have limited access points and thusly should only be hunted certain times of the day. Sure, nothing is certain in the deer woods, but feeding and bedding areas should be hunted differently and if you are lucky enough to find a nice travel area where deer go back and forth and can get in there before they come through in the morning and afternoon, you are good.

If you consistently bump deer going in the mornings then maybe move to another location.....aerial pics are great for prediciting why deer are in an area and where they might be headed. You can predict a nice ambush point then.

good luck
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