One of the best hunting days ever I got the invite to hunt with my buddy TXmag300 (jon) and Hunterdrew (drew) out in west TN
First stop was Madison county to one of hunterdrew's honey holes, well i thought the honey was all gone after all the deer that have been taken off the place in the last couple days even ole PMC joined in on the action last week but about 7:50 one hawk flew in the woods landed in a tree then swooped down in front of me in the small opening and looked at me and nodded then flew off it was really cool then some dude came walking in with no orange on "still hunting" man it is fun watching folks from above, well he saw me and got out quick then i heard deer coming and man it was thick 30 yd shot the mama doe ran about 30 yds.

Then off to get some ice and chicken at the lil market we got to see some good deer being checked in one very large 6 point came through

Then off to henderson county to hunt jon's family farm, man can u say impressive, but the best part was i was going to hunt a field i never ever hardly ever get to hunt a field i was excited to say the least so i brought out the big gun
i was hunting in a stand in a monster oak with a 32 foot ladder thank goodness for the lifeline and safety harness man i was a lil nervous but jon said it was the best spot on the farm but it was not the biggest field only about a 265yd farthest shot.
4:15 like clock work this lil doe wandered out 183 yds and i had her dialed in at 2 minutes of elevation and put the thunder on her the 168 berger left a heck of an exit hole.

i am tickled 2 kills in 2 new counties it has always been a dream to kill a deer in every county in TN.... now it will never happen but heck you got to try so with the maury co kill sat night that is 3 counties in a couple of days added to my bucket list but more importantly hunting with good people is a fun time
I really had a blast it was great hunting with jon again and the first but not last time with drew great people indeed

it was truly a great day but i am beat back to williamson county in the morning

but on a sad note one of jon's friend fell from a stand and was life flighted to memphis please wear those safety harness

and my wifes grand mother passed away today as well

deer 11
madison co doe
rem 700 cdl sf in sps stock 7/08
ziess 3.5-10x40
39.7 imr 4064 2590 fps
160 gn accubond

me and drew

deer 12
henderson county doe
remingtion 700 bdl ss 7 SAUM
168 gn berger vld
59 gn re22 2765 fps
zeiss 6.5-20x50


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