This secession movement nonsense needs to stop and that energy needs to be placed into strategic action for the next election cycle.

Conservatives have a HUGE opportunity that they keep overlooking due to poor leadership. The YOUNG.

Want to make a near clean sweep of the under 30 voter demographic?

Here is the message "how do you feel about your future? Before you even entered highschool the government opened a credit card in your name with $136,000 on the balance. And guess what? Those arseclowns in washington want to keep spending up that balance. How do you feel about the job market? Competing with hundreds of other people with years of experience for that same one job? Maybe its time we turn our backs on the old way of doing business. No more Spend spend spend, tax tax tax... Maybe a radical new(old) idea of severely limiting the Feds ability to bankrupt you before you even get out of elementary school makes sense."

The young are the ones with the time and energy to make a sea change happen.
If you can't trust people with freedom, how can you trust them with power ?