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#3035377 - 11/15/12 07:44 PM Reload'n 101
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Gonna try some reloading pretty soon, I get the basics but have a few questions before I get carried away.

What I'm reload'n for : .243 with a 1:10 twist barrel (so think'n it should shoot heavier bullets better than lighter ones ?? correct ??)

What I need to know : How should I determine the bullet seating depth for my gun ?? If I put a bullet into a (empty) casing then chamber the round...will this seat the bullet to the perfect depth so it can be used for gauging purposes ??

Cases & primers : any certain brand of casing/primer I should look for or is ther really that much of a difference between brands ??

Never done any reloading for a rifle but have dabbled with shotshell loading, plan on using a manual for "recipies" & follow them to a T, not gonna load anything hot for speed but accuracy, have sevral friends who will be holding my hand all the way.

Feel free to offer up any info.
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#3035423 - 11/15/12 07:58 PM Re: Reload'n 101 [Re: FOX FIRE]
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Find a buddy on here that has been doing it for a while. Have them walk you through it like you're an apprentice.
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#3035475 - 11/15/12 08:22 PM Re: Reload'n 101 [Re: BigD_625]
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 Originally Posted By: BigD_625
Find a buddy on here that has been doing it for a while. Have them walk you through it like you're an apprentice.

Good advise
"No I am not a good shot, but I shoot often" Teddy Roosevelt

#3035513 - 11/15/12 08:36 PM Re: Reload'n 101 [Re: KPH]
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I usually find the max length that my magazine allows to feed properly. If that length fits in the chamber without jamming lans, then that's usually a good starting point for COL. Whichever brand of brass and primers that you use, be consistent with it, the same load in Federal brass might shoot differently than the same load in Win brass. I have always had good luck with CCI primers.
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#3035538 - 11/15/12 08:46 PM Re: Reload'n 101 [Re: KPH]
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Here's what works for me when I started loading, and I never had to change.

First, for cases, I've had about equal luck with Winchester and Federal brass, slightly less case life with Remington. Buy new in bags or buy once-fired brass from a reloading shop. Just stick with one head stamp brand.

To determine seating depth, I resize an empty case and make sure it chambers easily in my rifle. Then I seat a bullet into the empty and UNPRIMED case, making sure I leave the bullet out enough to be too long. Then chamber the empty and see how far the bolt will close before the bullet touches the lands. Be very gentle, or the bullet might get stuck in the rifling and pull out of the case.

Remove the round, put it back in the press, and turn the depth adjustment a bit and seat the bullet lower. Re-try closing the bolt. Make very small adjustments. When you finally get it to where the bolt will close on the chambered round, adjust the seating depth one-half turn more.

Now you can load another round, this time with primer and powder, and try to chamber it (do this in a safe place). If the second round doesn't chamber, adjust the depth another half turn.

When you get it adjusted so that all new rounds chamber easily, and cycle through the magazine, re- seat any rounds loaded before the final adjustment, so that all rounds are seated to the same depth. Also re-seat the empty shell to the last adjustment.

Go to the range and test the loads for accuracy.

Keep the empty shell with bullet in your reloading gear stuff, and use it to set the seating die on future loading sessions. Write down the overal length in case you drop the empty and the bullet gets accidentally shoved deeper into the case.

Different bullet brand or models have different ogive profiles, so you may need a different seating depth ( and therefore another empty dummy round) for each bullet you use. For example, a Hornady 130 gr SST seats to a different depth than a 130 gr Nosler Ballistic Tip in my 270, to keep the same distance from the rifling lands.

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#3035634 - 11/15/12 09:42 PM Re: Reload'n 101 [Re: jakeway]
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happy Online
First and formost, clean and organized work area.

Case prep is a most!!!!!! consistancy, consistancy, consistancy!!!!

Jakeway is spot on with the COL, but ever gun has its sweet spot, ex: just touching the lands, just off, etc. This is the best part of handloading, figuring out which load is the best for your gun and building it yourself.

Keep DETAILED notes on group of rounds you load and mark them as such!!!!!!
Keep a log book if necessary, I have one on each gun I load for, with notes and pics of targets to compare data to. (note weather conditions, wind/temp etc)

Only load when that is all you are going to think about, NO DISTRACTIONS!!!!!!!! And complete a step/process before walking away if you absolutely have to. (no double powder charges!!!!!)Hard to do with most calibers, but safety first.

Have fun

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#3035654 - 11/15/12 10:06 PM Re: Reload'n 101 [Re: FOX FIRE]
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Your 10 twist barrel should shoot lighter bullets better than heavier ones. Probably should stick with 80 gr or lighter. Generally speaking, the faster the twist, the heavier the bullet it will stabilize.

The formula is actually based upon bullet RPM and length, not weight. The longer the bullet, the faster it must spin to stabilize. With bullets of the same diameter and profile, heavier equals longer. RPM will also decrease as the bullet loses velocity, resulting is loss of stability. It may shoot heavier bullets OK at close ranges, but accuracy craps out at longer range.

Last year I built a .243 specifically to shoot long range with heavy bullets. It originally had a 9 twist, but the heavy bullets would lose stability past 500 yards. I ordered a custom 26" bull barrel with 7.5 twist. I now have no trouble at all stabilizing 107 gr bullets out to 800 yards. It should be good to go even farther, I just haven't yet had the chance to shoot it past 800 yards.
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#3035830 - 11/16/12 06:28 AM Re: Reload'n 101 [Re: Mausermeister]
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The more I think about it not only have some one to help but get a good load book and go by it. Whatever it saies the O A L C is go by it till you get more expernce.
"No I am not a good shot, but I shoot often" Teddy Roosevelt

#3035847 - 11/16/12 06:41 AM Re: Reload'n 101 [Re: KPH]
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 Originally Posted By: hellacatcher
get a good load book and go by it. Whatever it saies the O A L C is go by it till you get more expernce.

If you don't have at least 1 reloading manual don't even consider loading until you get 1 and have an absolutely clear understanding of the terms, functions and methodology is the manual.

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#3035984 - 11/16/12 08:24 AM Re: Reload'n 101 [Re: KPH]
Grizzly Johnson
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 Originally Posted By: hellacatcher
 Originally Posted By: BigD_625
Find a buddy on here that has been doing it for a while. Have them walk you through it like you're an apprentice.

Good advise

Give Tommy a call.... I'm sure he can halp you with any questions you may have.... He shot competitions for many years and still helps several others now with their rifles/loads.
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