well had a little problem with my new tc encore fx today do to me bumping the scope over the weekend i was afraid i had knocked the scope off so i got it out this morning and i was right it was shooting 8in low and 5in to the right at 100yrd so total of 5shots and i was back on target so went in to clean and it has the new speed breech 3 it would not come out broke the wrench so let it soak all day and still would not come out finally took scope off and had to take a pipe wrench to get it off needless to sayit was on there now before any body says anythimg i did have breech greese on the threads dont no what happen so went to the internet to order a new one and nobody has one called tc and they said nobody has started carring them yet so they are sending me one for free great people to deal with. guess i will have to pull out the cva wolf for a couple days
sorry for the long read
judge if you want were all going to die i intend to deserve it