I'm not sure what he weighed yet or even scored. My son has been hunting every evening after work and well, I have too here in TN. I'll let you know when I find out.

Mudbone, this buck was killed behind the grain elevators on US12 between Saline and Manchester, MI. The grain elevators are owned by a family named Marion and they have been around there forever...as a side note they have like 13 kids and all of their first names start with an "M"...Mitch, Mike..etc.

Temperance is farther down off US23 closer to the Ohio line. I coached high school baseball against them...but, their forte is wrestling...state champs many times. It's real flat land there as opposed to the small rolling hills of the Manchester/Saline area. Flat, corn, soybean so it would be much different than hunting here in TN but put a tree stand on a fence row and have at it. Some bruisers there.

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