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good job man,,I started JW at 3-4 shooting 22`s and he was a good shot then,,now at 9 he can lay out prone with my CZ 527 Varmint and make hits on 2 liter bottles at 500,he has made shots at 600 and 750 also,,of course I dial it in for him but he can hold the gun steady enough and has trigger control to make the shot,,I hope by the time he is 12-13 I will have him making his own adjustments,
the main thing is dont let him shoot anything that will make him flinch,,

That gun is heavy enough I knew it wouldnt kick and the sound doesnt bother him. He is with me about everytime I shoot wearing muffs of course. I bought him and his siters one of the mark 2 savage tactical 22's and he shoots the crap out of it.
"I dont remember what happen last night, but the fact that I had to put on sunglasses to open the fridge this morning tells me it must have been awesome!"