Looking for some ideas on how to make a redneck engineered gly wiper for my quad. I dont have access to welding, but my quad does have a 2" reciever and i have an extra ball mount i could use. I was thinking of using some type or steel rod thru the hole the ball would be in to support the cross member that would carry the gly, but what material do you cover it with to wick the gly ? The mount has a 6" drop so it could be flipped over to give it additional height and i could probably rig it so that the rod height could be adjusted for clearance. Im thinking i would use PVC pipe for the horizontal crossmember that carries the gly, but how many and what size holes do i drill in it to allow it move to the wicking material ? Im wanting to try this so that I can plant some clover plots and try to control the weeds without spending a fortune on expensive herbicides that are safe for clover. I already have the sprayer tank etc. Thanks for your thoughts.