According to this web site, EIGHT HUNDRED AND NINETY-NINE 112 year old people have already voted here in NC !! 353 in Guilford County, 290 in Cumberland, 151 in Forsyth, 20 in Davidson, 17 in Randolph, 15 in Pitt, and 13 in Henderson.

The top 3 counties account for 88% of all 112 year-old's votes!
The top 7 counties account for over 96% of all 112 year-old's votes! There are 100 counties in NC.

The next youngest voters were FIFTY-FIVE 100 year olds. Only 55? Danged lazy kids!

Now, tell me with a straight face that there is NO voter fraud.

Abandon all rational and unbiased thought. Just blame Boooosh.
lIbeRaLs LIE ... lazy lIbeRaLs repeat LIES.