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As hunters, we have the misconception that mature bucks, for various reasons, "go" nocturnal. This isn't true. Mature bucks "ARE" nocturnal. Sometimes they just "go" during the daylight for various reasons.


And as for the comment in reference to a mature bucks core area..I think mature bucks have individual personalities. Some bucks may stay within a core area during the rut, but I tend to think a hot doe can pull most bucks a couple miles from core easily. I have seen it done each and every year.

Core areas can change as well... you can have a buck residing during summer months and range shift once velvet sheds, and reside in a different habitat....but I think once the rut begins and the scent gets in his nose he could be fair game on many many farms!!

Best of luck tagging him, he is a super nice one!

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