I have a High Standard M4 Contour Barrel, my son has a Delton Sport with a "light" barrel. Both are flattop with front sight towers. Glass is not a problem with the front sights. We bought ours to play/plink. I actually bought mine for duty carry, but have thought about letting my daughter use it for hunting. She loves to shoot it. I know DPMS had some "problems" a while ago, but haven't heard anything recently. I prefer to have back up sights on my rifles, just in case. you can get the Magpul front and rear for an O.R. rifle or just the rear for a regular flattop. There are several manufacturers of fold down sights. Both of the rifles we have are 16" carbines and hold about 1 to 1.5 moa at 100 yards. I hope this helps and you won't regret hunting with the "girl". Loads of fun and great bonding time.
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