Shot this doe this morning about 7:10. Had 3 come in and took the mid size one. Where i was hunting at i usually will pass on a doe because its a good drag but couldnt pass when she got to about 10yds. Perfect double lung but she still ran probably 250yds. She ran off my property on to another guys which luckily we have an agreement we can go on each other to retrieve deer (nice having good neighbors). He ran on him about another 150yds and i found her dead in a gravel pit. She bled good for the most part, every once in a while i would lose blood and have to slow down and regroup but luckily i was able to find her. When i got to her there was already a buzzard on her. I hate them things.

First Ky deer of the year and the Horton Team Realtree did its job again. My 2nd deer with my crossbow this year and 3rd ever with an xbow!!
NO1 Greater- Ky Wildcats!!

Its not what happens in life, but how you react to it that matters.