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Everyone is right, a very difficult place to concentrate any deer movement......More food than a country buffet.

Patience is a key there simply because there is no set patterns down there and imo deer roam around. I doubt that you'd see the same deer on a regular basis down there.

I grew up down there and i still marvel at the places hunters rarely venture in to.

Lots of swamps, cutover and sloughbeds. There is not a lack of sign anywhere and if you are at the right place, at the right time, you can kill a monster down there....

The largest buck I have ever seen , on the hoof, was standing on the refuge , just off highway 76 almost where you now turn into the refuge office....

Saw a picture once at Koko grocery of a deer skull that some squirrel hunters brought out. Apparently the buck died of old age or something....anyway, it was laying on the hood of a truck when the picture was taken and it took up most of the hood (width wise). Granted this was 30 years ago, but it shows the potential in the area.

Good luck to you, and if you need help dragging one out, let me know...

Seriously, if you want my cell number, I'll pm it to you.

Never too busy to help drag a deer out....espcially a NICE one!!

Thanks BH! Im going for a few hours in the morning before church, i found a nice spot, like you said, lots of sign, between a slew and old cutover, hopefully i can get to it in the dark!

Not even LOOKING for a monster im just lookin to poke a hole in a big nanny doe!
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