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#2969543 - 10/05/12 07:41 AM Binoculars under $300????
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Registered: 08/19/08
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Whats a good brand to get with out breaking the bank? I want to stay under 300$. And not be a huge set that gets in the way. All help appreciated.
#2969563 - 10/05/12 07:58 AM Re: Binoculars under $300???? [Re: REM7]
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Loc: Murfreesboro, TN

Nikon travelites

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#2969618 - 10/05/12 08:38 AM Re: Binoculars under $300???? [Re: JandSCattleCo]

Registered: 09/11/12
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Loc: Kingsport, Tn

Check out Hawke binoculars online, I tried some out and really liked the way they felt and the optics seemed really good to me.
#2970525 - 10/05/12 10:49 PM Re: Binoculars under $300???? [Re: Hit&Miss84]
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Loc: Etowah Tennessee

Go buy u a pair Redfields. Leupold bought them a while back and started putting their VRX2 glass in them. I held them next to the high priced bincos and the clairity and light was just as good. Im not blowing smoke. Just google them and read the reviews and that will convience u. And to convience u more, their only $159.99. Oh yeah they also have a lifetime garuntee like leuopold so if they get damanged u can send them back and they'll either send u a new pair or fix them.

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#2975190 - 10/09/12 11:36 PM Re: Binoculars under $300???? [Re: Poleaxe]
TN Whitetail Freak
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#2977157 - 10/11/12 12:34 PM Re: Binoculars under $300???? [Re: TN Whitetail Freak]
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Loc: Collierville,TN.

If you are going with nikons atleast get the monarchs. I don't like them because nikons all have cheap flimsy eye cups. Go to and get the 8 x30 khales. Buy a very good quality set ONCE and be done with it, trust me!!!!! Been there done that!
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#2977266 - 10/11/12 01:37 PM Re: Binoculars under $300???? [Re: W.Seay]
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Loc: Nashville, TN

SWFA has a sale on Sightron SIII binoculars. Killer deals.

#2977737 - 10/11/12 07:46 PM Re: Binoculars under $300???? [Re: JimFromTN]
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Registered: 11/15/02
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Loc: south fulton

love my bushnell excursion 10x42s
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#2978860 - 10/12/12 01:01 PM Re: Binoculars under $300???? [Re: rem270]
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Loc: Shelby County, TN

Just got a catalog where Bass Pro is selling some Leupold binoculars for $119.00.

I actually bought a 10x monocular and like it. Its compact and clear (got it for $40.00).
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#2978911 - 10/12/12 01:55 PM Re: Binoculars under $300???? [Re: Relentless]
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I bought a pair of Leupold at Bass Pro for $99, and I love them. I compared them to Nikons and others in similar price range, nothing could touch the Leupold.
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#2980092 - 10/13/12 06:21 PM Re: Binoculars under $300???? [Re: pastorbmp]
Southern Sportsman
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Registered: 09/18/11
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Loc: West TN

Look at Burris Signature Select binoculars. I've been really pleased with mine.
#2981062 - 10/14/12 02:49 PM Re: Binoculars under $300???? [Re: pastorbmp]
Bucks & Beards
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Loc: Bartlett, TN

Leupold Cascades
#2982075 - 10/15/12 07:44 AM Re: Binoculars under $300???? [Re: Bucks & Beards]
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Hahah I think every response is going to be different.

I actually spent a great deal of time researching and looking through binoculars to find the ones I thought were the best/clearest.

I settled on the Minox BV IIs in 10x42. They will run you about $270 new...or if you can find a demo pair at you can save some $. That's what mine were. I found some binocular models that were clearer, but they were $1,200+ models. Yet these Minox were on par with those I looked through in the $500-800 range.

#3027934 - 11/11/12 04:53 PM Re: Binoculars under $300???? [Re: pastorbmp]
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Loc: maury county tn

Leopold Acadia's out standing for the price

#3028404 - 11/11/12 08:19 PM Re: Binoculars under $300???? [Re: Bucks & Beards]
Killing time
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Loc: West Tennesse

Leupold Cascades ! They are gonna be right near $300, but they are well worth it. Invest in a quality pair, whatever you get.
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#3068790 - 12/07/12 11:02 PM Re: Binoculars under $300???? [Re: pastorbmp]
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Loc: Hendersonville

I suggest these -
#3068980 - 12/08/12 07:41 AM Re: Binoculars under $300???? [Re: W.Seay]
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 Originally Posted By: W.Seay
If you are going with nikons atleast get the monarchs. I don't like them because nikons all have cheap flimsy eye cups. Go to and get the 8 x30 khales. Buy a very good quality set ONCE and be done with it, trust me!!!!! Been there done that!

A piece of duct tape around the left eye cup fixes that. \:\)
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#3072929 - 12/10/12 04:26 PM Re: Binoculars under $300???? [Re: Bowdacious]
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Nikon monarch 5 and i'm a leupold guy. Found em for $249 brand new shipped to my door.
#3127521 - 01/16/13 09:03 PM Re: Binoculars under $300???? [Re: pastorbmp]
Woodpile Boys Neighbor
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Nikon ProStaff

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#3137940 - 01/24/13 06:48 PM Re: Binoculars under $300???? [Re: DBLAARCHERY]
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In optics you get what you pay for. They may be clear now but how are they in a year, 5 years?
#3137954 - 01/24/13 06:58 PM Re: Binoculars under $300???? [Re: bbuck14]
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Loc: east tn

Leopold 8x30 will be my nextpair when they get some more into acadamey
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#3138079 - 01/24/13 08:38 PM Re: Binoculars under $300???? [Re: mike243]
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Loc: Collierville

I would say you would be hard pressed to find a better deal than Vortex Diamondbacks for that price range. I did a side by side with my Nikon Monarchs and the Diamondback's blew them away in my opinion.
#3138702 - 01/25/13 10:25 AM Re: Binoculars under $300???? [Re: TNRifleman]

Registered: 01/21/13
Posts: 16
Loc: Mid TN

I think the Nikon Monarchs are very good for the money.
I have a pair of Pentax DCF WPII 10x42 and I could not say enough good things about them. They have them at for $374 which is the best price I have ever seen on them by far. I have not ordered from that site, but I saw them recommended by someone on here a few weeks back.

#3233398 - 04/27/13 08:16 PM Re: Binoculars under $300???? [Re: REM7]
Boone 58
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Alpen has very high quality glass at about 100 bucks cheaper than steiners but it might put you a little over the 300 mark now....they used to use the same quality glass as the elites if i remember correctly and i looked thru them and they were supurb ...If you muscle up to a pair of Steiner 8x42's you will thank me later when the extra 150 bucks will pale in comparison. Bought mine in 2004 and i can tell you it was an investment, not an expense.
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#3233590 - 04/28/13 12:42 AM Re: Binoculars under $300???? [Re: Boone 58]
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Redfield X2
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#3235559 - 04/30/13 12:44 PM Re: Binoculars under $300???? [Re: SCAT]
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Minox Call Doug at this will get a great deal.

#3239573 - 05/05/13 03:25 PM Re: Binoculars under $300???? [Re: ChippewaPartners]
Wes Parrish
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Loc: Knoxville-Dover-Union City, TN

Don't overlook the basic design of the binoculars as you're pondering price & value:

You will generally get higher quality glass for the money you're spending when you go with the porro prism (rather than roof prism) design. Over the past many years, manufacturers appear to have downplayed the value of porro prisms by mainly offering newer models in only the roof prism design.

Roof prisms offer you a more compact, lower weight pair of binoculars. But they are also more expensive to manufacture, thus must carry a higher price tag before the seller can make any profit (if all other things were equal, i.e. such as the quality of the glass).

However, porro prisms offer something of significance the roof prisms do not: Greater "depth of field" that's clearly in focus. This can be a key advantageous feature when you're using your binoculars primarily for scanning for game, as opposed to simply looking at something that's already been seen. Porros are also have an advantage when you need to quickly get in focus on moving game that may be gone in a couple seconds (before you could get the view in clear focus with the roof prisms).

Again, most of the binoculars you're going to see for sale are "roof" prisms. Some makers no longer even offer the "old" porro prism design.

If you're dealing with higher magnification and larger objectives (such as 10 x 50), there can be a significant weight reduction benefit to the newer "roof" prisms, as well as smaller size.

But what if you're thinking more along the lines of 8 x 30 or even less magnification for the primary purpose of LOCATING game rather than viewing game already located?

For this purpose, you may be surprised to find a pair of 6 x 30 Leupold's that cost about $100 are just the ticket and have glass quality comparable to roof prisms costing over $300. My personal "go to" binocular for most of my SCANNING / LOOKING for game is a pair of 8 x 30 Steiner Nighthunter porro prisms. Everything seen from 50 yards to 500 yards is in pretty clear focus without any focusing ---- that's a tremendous feature ---- when you're looking for something you've haven't seen yet, and you don't know is close or far.

Steiner no longer makes the "Nighthunter" series in an 8x30 porro, but their 8x30 Wildlife Pro is very close 2nd and can be had new for about $400 or refurbished for about $300:

I'm finding myself heading afield with two pair of binoculars: An 8 x 30 porro for scanning, and a 12x roof for viewing. But more and more, the 12x roof prisms are being left at home.

If you've never tried a porro prism binocular, do yourself a favor and amaze yourself with what these little $100 Leupold 6 x 30's can do. Many of you will start leaving home the more expensive binoculars upon finding these little 6 x 30's are of greater benefit (at least in the Tennessee deer woods).

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