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#2968387 - 10/04/12 10:33 AM Who hunts mainly from the ground???
Kevin B.
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Registered: 09/27/06
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Loc: Hardin County

And although I have nothing against shooting boxes, or whatever their called, I am talking: taking a pear of hand pruners....whooping ya up a blind, using a seat cushion, and being as scent free as possible. I killed a doe last sat morning like this. I have a grand total of ONE deer stand. I bought it yeterdy. I don't intend on spending that much anymore. BUT,....I went scouting this morning and was NOT disappointed. Acorns galore. A year round spring with tracks around it. Deep in a midnite holler. An awesome evening place. AND PLENTY OF STRAIGHT LIMBLESS TREES!!! I immediately thought: I'm getting another (had two in the past) Viper. Several tres are PERFECT. The understory is situated to hide me good!!! Yes...I'll run to Pickwick and buy JUST ONE MORE!!! And that'll be it!!!
But sanity soon returned and I realized that shooting a good deer from the ground CAN be done. I read an article about a seventy yr old man who still uses one of the first Jennings Compounds. Big FAT cedar arrows (I THINK cedar) and Bear razorheads with inserts. And he ONLY hunts on a dove stool. With no back. He just pops that sucker in the middle of a briar thicket. He kills MONSTERS every year. I'll search for the article and post the linkage.
My fellow ground hunters. Tips? Tricks? Anything ya want to pass on to a teachable soul? There surely other ways to trick a deers senses and instinct than being 15 feet high. I have been busted numerous times and be in a climer. Besides, I'm getting old. I don't care to backpack in a climber...and I am not real crazy about getting this Millenium set up in a tree. My mom has a Drs. appt this afternoon or I'd be out there now setting the Millenium up and dropping sweat everywhere. But this post is dedicated to the ground hunters amongst us. You can feel welcome and accepted here. lol No ostracization!

#2968400 - 10/04/12 10:40 AM Re: Who hunts mainly from the ground??? [Re: Kevin B.]
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Registered: 10/21/09
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Loc: TN,Carter

im about 50/50 i have several stands but havent hunted from any this year put im planning on putting up a ladder stand as soon as i can found a new spot but about have to be in a tree to be able to see anything
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#2968406 - 10/04/12 10:43 AM Re: Who hunts mainly from the ground??? [Re: wayers]
Andy S.
TnDeer Old Timer
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Registered: 07/26/99
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Loc: Atoka, TN

I hunt from the ground sometimes. It all depends on the situation at hand.
Andy S.

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#2968408 - 10/04/12 10:43 AM Re: Who hunts mainly from the ground??? [Re: wayers]
.444 Marlin
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Registered: 08/10/02
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Loc: Benton, Polk Co. Tenn.

I been hunting quite a bit from treestands the last few years but i prefer hunting from the ground. less noise to be made getting into the stand, its safer, more comfortable in windy or cold weather, and its more of a challenge.
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#2968434 - 10/04/12 10:58 AM Re: Who hunts mainly from the ground??? [Re: Kevin B.]
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Registered: 12/23/09
Posts: 208
Loc: Arlington, TN

I have mostly hunted from a tree stand and have killed deer.

This weekend I was strapped for time and I was hunting in an area with straight trees with no cover. I decided to hunt from a stool. On Saturday I saw a small buck and a doe they were very on edge, obviously they smelled me as the wind was blowing straigh across my back to them. Next I saw a group of 7 does coming in on the oposite side, wind in my face. They never knew anything. I didn't take a shot and watched them for about 45 minutes. I sprayed down some before my walk in but did not make a huge scent free effort.

On Sunday I decided to go back into the same area. The night before I washed my clothes in scent free soap. Took a shower that morning with scent free soap and I sprayed everything down good. After a while I saw the same 7 does and they were not on edge at all. I also saw the small buck and a button head a little while later they acted normal with no jitters like the morning prior. I heard a bunch of tree rats behind me during the hunt and turned to look at them several times. The next time I heard the squirrels I never turned to look thinking it was them again. A few minutes passed and all hell broke loose right behind me. I turned to look and a big doe was standing at about 10 feet. Of course when I turned she bolted for another 20 yards before stopping to look. I never shot but man it was fun. Looking at the ground where she bolted from the first time behind me SHE ALMOST TOUCHED ME. I was in a leaf suit and obviously scent free.

I think I will hunt alot more from the ground this year. If you do it, pay close attention to becoming scent free or hunt the wind for sure.

#2968438 - 10/04/12 10:59 AM Re: Who hunts mainly from the ground??? [Re: .444 Marlin]
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Registered: 07/17/11
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Loc: Knoxville TN

I hunt from the ground almost 100% of the time. Killed all my deer from the ground except 2. all bow kills been from ground and no ground blinds or shooting houses.
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#2968445 - 10/04/12 11:02 AM Re: Who hunts mainly from the ground??? [Re: .444 Marlin]

Registered: 09/11/12
Posts: 52
Loc: Kingsport, Tn

I have only hunted in a tree stand a few times, I grew up hunting public land in VA and always hunted from the ground. What helps me the most is having a dark background and being comfortable. I had a doe walk by within 5 yards of me last year during rifle seaon and I didn't have a bit of cover in front of me. I was in a shadow and I had a large log behind me. I didn't move and she never spooked, she looked directly at me but never spooked. As soon as she was about 20 yards behind I think she smelled me and then she took off. I like to always have cover behind me so I can turn and look without spooking anything. The things I usually do include:

1. Clear leaves and branches so I have room to move a little without making much noise. If you are sitting make sure you can still see well once you sit down.

2. Make sure I have good cover behind me.

3. Get comfortable

4. Make sure I can point my weapon in most directions without having to make big movements or make sure I have cover to hide movements to the side or rear. I will pick up dead logs/branches or use whatever is lying around to make some cover.

5. Makes sure my head and hands aren't standing out, thin gloves and some sort of face covering.

#2968468 - 10/04/12 11:21 AM Re: Who hunts mainly from the ground??? [Re: Hit&Miss84]
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Registered: 09/13/11
Posts: 1345
Loc: TN, USA

Hunting from the ground has many advantages and I have killed a few deer that way. But, I can't see as well from the ground and I move too much. Another spot always looks better to me and I want to move there. It takes more energy to hunt from the ground because you are consciously make an effort to see and hear and not get caught flat footed. If something comes in behind you, its very difficult to turn around. I discovered this turkey hunting. I have great admoration for those of you who can do it successfully.
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#2968479 - 10/04/12 11:33 AM Re: Who hunts mainly from the ground??? [Re: Hit&Miss84]
Kevin B.
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Registered: 09/27/06
Posts: 2333
Loc: Hardin County

Gentlemen (forgive me if a lady replied as the forum names don't tell me sometimes), THIS IS the info that was looking for. I remember well, waking up in the morning at 445 am and DREADING what lay ahead. I had a Summit Viper. Putting on my safety apparatus. Laying my bow and quiver on the ground. Attaching a lift rope to them (and forgetting sometimes).
THE WIND!!!!! I think that you nailed it! But there were several equally good points. I use a face net. I am thinking of investing in a ghillie suit. But really, the cedar branches (they have a good scent masking affect as well as being thick) that I cut with my hand pruners work well. Th olny problem is ...hillsides. Sliding downhill. I have to level out the ground at the base of the tree. But I have a perfect hillside point that is aiming down at a watering hole and a dropping white oak right next to it. This is buck territory too!!! I just cannot hike my Millenium stand in that far, Hiking a Viper stand would require some maneuvering as it is a THICK walk-in. I cleared a tunnel thru the thickness with my pruner. But I have found were the bucks call home BEFORE the pre rut. And is thick! I appreciate all tips and replies. I MAY scratch the ghillie suit or I may not.
By the time I attempt to hike a Viper stand in, attach it, climb up, pull bow up, I will be dripping sweat and will be nothing but a SCENT PRODUCING factory!!! I am gonna have to alter my hunting methods for this wild, cutover (big woods in the hollers) lease. I just cannot have a stand for every occasion. Last saturday proved that I can kill a deer from the ground. It wasn't my first from the ground. But learning stuff from y'all is already helping. I wish that y'all could see what I saw this morning. This place is magical. It would be PERFECT for a Viper!!!! But GETTING IN THERE with the Viper would be monumental. Getting a deer out EVEN with my new game cart will require alot of pruning as I go. The Game Cart has opened this place up fo rme to hunt. It's down hill going in. Uphill, obviously, coming out. I am adamant about the washing with scent and die free ALL. I also have some scent killer spray. The deer sees well with its nose. Poorly with its eyes.....until you move. Thanks again yall!! I appreciate ya.

#2968481 - 10/04/12 11:37 AM Re: Who hunts mainly from the ground??? [Re: fairchaser]
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Registered: 12/15/10
Posts: 706
Loc: northern middle tn

I have killed 3 of my 4 wall-hangers from the ground...the one I killed from a tree stand was also the only one that I killed with a bow. I only hunt from the ground with a bow when the situation doesn't allow me to put up a stand. When I was in high school & college I bow hunted from the ground all the time & was very successful. I just try to take it easy now
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