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Amateur and professional cooks in Chattanooga are invited to compete in a barbecue sauce competition at Crabtree Farms this September, presented in conjunction with the farm's annual pig roast fundraiser.

The Hittin' the Sauce contest is now accepting applications from "backyard saucers to restaurateurs" in search of the area's "best dang sauce."

The sauces will be judged by attendees in a blind taste test at the pig roast on Sept. 29, with three awards given for People's Choice (first place), second place and third place.

Organizers said there will be no specific sauce categories and that each entry will be judged equally, regardless of the type of sauce created for the competition. Any type of sauce is welcome, according to the event website.

All entrants must provide at least a half-gallon of their sauce and a table to set up and display their creations. Participating cooks must also be willing to taste their own sauce and provide a list of all of the ingredients. Ingredients will be posted at the event.

The deadline to register is Sept. 15, and entrants will be contacted by representatives of Crabtree Farms to confirm each registration.

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