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Get some of the .22 shells with the hummingbird on the end of them. They barely make a noise. They fire from the primer alone with no powder. Alot of coonhunters use them and I assure you they will kill a coon so a rabbit would be no problem.

I know these aren't recommended for Rifles, but a lot of people use them anyway. I haven't tried them, but they seem fun. A friend of mine uses them in his carbine and just manually cycles the rounds. -bolt action would be better.

Yeah Ive read where they arent but seen it done alot as well. They are recommended for pistol use because of the danger of a bullet not exiting the barrel in a rifle and another bullet being fired in behind it and of course causing an issue lol If I was using them in a rifle I would check the barrel after the shot or of course go off of the visual of seeing the bullet strike. You can usually hear the bullet hit as well in alot of situations.
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