Just an idea that works for me. As the season goes along and i can think of items I might need for the following years I make a list. I keep adding to the list. I keep the list in a safe place. Along about Super Bowl time I get on the internet and go shopping. The sales, huge discounts, half off of half off prices all make for great savings. In fact, the amount you save will pay for a bunch of gear you might even NOT need!!

Try NEVER to pay full retail for your hunting gear. Why just the other day I was in a Cabela's store in Minneapolis and was just looking. Found a gorgeous Kershaw knife in a close-out for about $14. When I checked out it was $12.90 plus tax due to it being an item no longer being carried by Cabela's. I think the list on it was near 3 figures. Like stocks, you have to be ready to buy them on sale.