We had our final tournament for the year, 11.35 won it (5 fish). Big fish was 3.30. We had 7 lbs (3 fish) & finished 5th out of 11 boats. My partner & I won Big Fish for the Year with a 7.3 lb Largemouth that he caught back in April, I netted it . We launched out of Grasshopper creek. We caught around 30 yesterday, with StrikeKing SexyShad crankbait being the lure of choice. We only managed to put 3 keepers in the boat & naturally had a couple of 3 pounders jump up & show themselves before throwing my hook back at me . I had a great time yesterday, as well as all the tournaments I fished this year with the guys from work. God Bless Ya'll & have a GREAT day!!! \:\)

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