This is another weird season it seems for me.

1. I can't get a single bird to gobble in the evening before they roost. Is anyone else seeing this?

2. These pretty days are not worth a crap. I heard 6 birds this morning gobble their heads off on the roost. Only 1 bird gobbled when it hit the ground, and it had a hen with him. Here we are only 2 weeks left and they are STILL WITH HENS 100% OF THE TIME!!! They have so many hens to breed they are not as willing to come in.

3. The birds are STILL NOT HIGH UP! This time of the year the mountain tops are getting green and it is not happen. Is the Heat keeping the birds shutup and in the creeks?

I say this every year, with the hen population the way it is, the gobblers are not going to be good until the last week of season for me, the mountain birds anyway. I think they need to extend us two weeks or move us back two weeks. At least the East TN area.

Is this just an East Tn thing or where it hunt or what?

I'm hearing alot of the same complaints from local hunters....

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