In that website I kinda like the #1 thing on there in a way. This is the reason a few years ago I was on land that I had permission to hunt. I called and killed 2 birds on the property. The neighboring property had a feeder somewhere cause the birds were full of corn. Now if a GW had checked the caw at the checking station I would of been busted for hunting over bait. After the end of the season I found the feeder and I was a long ways away but I was able to call the birds to me not knowing where the feeder was. Yet I did honor fair chase and called the birds to me.

That same year, I was on public land and called a bird to me. I didn't get the kill but later on I found a pile of corn that I didn't know existed. Now if I killed a bird over that pile I would of been busted again. With this rule it sounds like that could of protected me in way. So I was not able to hunt that land for the rest of the year because some idiot was feeding in my spot.

Lets just say at the end of the year I was fed up with feeders and people using yellow call!!!!