Took a buddy out this morning, hoping to break his run of bad luck and get him a bird.

We got set up in a big hemlock on the edge of a large field. Only heard one gobble, and maybe 3 hen cackles. After an hour or so, I said, "There really should be some turkeys in this field." So I stood up to look over a rise in the field, and lo and behold, 15 turkeys! We got the binos out and saw there was at least one big gobbler, as well as a few jakes.

We devised a plan to skirt around and try to intercept the flock as they fed up into the opposite corner of the field. The birds were moving much quicker than we thought, and we failed to arrive at the ambush point first.

We didnt really spook the birds, just bumped them enough to push them into the woods. They never saw us, but they heard us and decided it would be safer elsewhere. The big gobbler passed by at about 55yds, but we chose not to risk a shot. We eased back out of there and headed to the top of the mountain to prospect a little.

We called a couple of times, but nothing answered us. It was starting to rain, so we packed it in and did a little road scouting. Never saw another turkey. Guess we'll get back after them in a day or so.