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Went to it today and man they are there once again. talked to farmer and he switched to feeding a rolled up cornfield hay honest they combine then roll it up. Theres more corn on the ground looks like I poured it out.

I read it as the farmer is feeding the rolled up corn, stalks, and all to his cows. I don't know what the exact rule of this would be as far as hunting.

But I know a few years back in my area some fellows were bragging about limiting out on ducks several times when the man overheard them bragging to their buddies at a store. The fellows returned to their "honey hole" that was infact a small farm pond next to a farmers feedlot. Well as soon as the first shot was fire TWRA jumps out and proceeds with the routine. Wound up getting them for hunting over bait because of the feedlot.....

You can take it as you want, I would ask the Man and find out for sure if it was me..... Better to be safe than sorry.
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