The Gary Myers Fishing Fund Fundraiser
Saturday, March 28th
11:00AM Central to 2:00 PM in Manchester, TN

The Tennessee Parks and Greenways Foundation is honored to invite you to attend a party celebrating Gary Myers 35-year career with the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency. Director Myers has joined the Board of the Foundation. A land acquisition fund is being established in his name. The proceeds of that fund will be used to acquire fishing sites across Tennessee for the TWRA.

Our goal: to raise $100,000 to establish the fund.

Event Chair: TWRC Chairperson Gary Kimsey
Event host and Co-Chair: Pete Sain, Commissioner, TWRC (1991-1995)
Co-Chair: Mike Chase, Commissioner, TWRC
Co-Chair: Johnny Coleman, Commissioner, TWRC
Co-Chair: Jeanette Rudy, Commissioner, TWRC (2001-2007)

Legislators, business leaders, not-for-profits, TWRA staff and all others who wish to thank Gary Myers for his service to Tennessee wilderness activities are invited to attend.

Event Tickets - proceeds benefit the Gary Myers Fishing Fund:

$100 General
$1,000 Event Sponsor
$5,000 Co-Chair

Contact Steve Walsh or Neal Appelbaum at the Foundation for more information at 615-386-3171, to make a pledge to the Fund or to purchase tickets. Email

To purchase tickets please mail checks to:

Tennessee Parks and Greenways Foundation
1205-A Linden Avenue
Nashville, TN 37212

Hope to see you there!
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