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how do i put picture posts or anyother kind of posts

Create an account with Photobucket.com or another web browser. On Photobucket, go to "My Albums." In the top right corner, under "Upload Images and Photos" is a tiny box that says,"Reduce to." Make sure you choose "640 x 480 (Large)." This makes sure the photos are not too big or small for the viewers.

You can then upload photos to the sight by clicking on "Choose Files." You can upload one at a time or multiples by highlighting your files with the "Ctrl" button on your keyboard.

When all your files are uploaded, put your cursor on the picture you want to display on tndeer. Four "links" will drop down under the photo. Click on the last link to the right of "IMG Code." That copies that photo. Now go to the thread on tndeer.com. Under the last post, right click your mouse and then click "Paste." You can then type in your comments above or below the link to your photo.

If you want to review your picture and comments before actually posting, click the "Preview Post" tab next to "Submit." Then press the "Submit" tab.
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