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Man the one i killed last year had 1 1/4 spurs a 12 1/4 inch beard and he weighed a total of 29 pounds so he was bigger than i thought i guess i had close to the state record and didnt know it.

For the record, it isnt in the record books because I am not a member of thr NWTF and you also need two other members to sign off on it as well. The total weight was what made it score so high. If you had a 29 lb bird, I would say that you are up there as well! Go to the NWTF website and enter your info, you might be suprised as to your total overall score.

I really need to clarify that it was not the 6th overall score but the 6th heaviest at the time. Sorry! There are some birds that got scored as high as 175! I mounted him not because of the score but because it was my little girls first time in the turkey woods with me!
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