Sam Yang Dragon Claw .50 Caliber PCP Air Gun ( Reviewed)

Field Test and Review by Kirk Gardner (Kirk)

I purchased my Sam Yang Dragon Claw .50 Caliber air gun from Sportsman’s Guide. I installed a 3×9 UTG Bug Buster Scope I purchased from Amazon. The airgun is charged (air pressurized) with an Air Venturi Nomad air compressor ($1500). Can be charged with scuba style tank.

My field testing lasted several days and included several weights and designs of .50 caliber air gun pellets and 44 cal with .50 cal sabot. The scope was zeroed at 100 yards. all shots were made from bench.

Sam Yang Tested and Approved

The Dragon Claw rifle averaged 680-690 FPS on the first 6 shots. Then falls off rapidly as the gauge gets in the yellow zones. The gun is equipped with a stock mounted color coded air pressure gauge. All test shots were fired on high power. The rifle has a low power and a high power setting.

50 Cal, 336 Grains, Flat Nose was accurate and had good penetration as well as expansion.

50 Cal, 177 Grains, Round Balls were a little less accurate, had decent penetration but not what I am looking for.

50 Cal, 185 Grains, Hollow Points were not very accurate in my rifle. I had some pretty wide groupings but the expansion was great.

The Hornady .44cal (50 cal sabot) provided the best penetration, expansion and accuracy. Shot 1 inch groups. I selected this ammo to hunt big game.

I was sort of awe stricken with the pure power this rifle offers. Ballistic gel testing was eye opening and proved to me that this rifle would be lethal on deer sized big game.

Sam Yang Dragon Claw .50 Cal Air Rifle


Recoil Management


Rifle Accuracy


Ease of reading Pressure Gauge.




Overall Quality



  • High Quality Workmanship
  • Very accurate
  • Impressive power
  • Capable of killing big game


  • Only lasts 6 shots per charge
  • Heavy rifle (7 pounds)
  • Loud report for an air rifle
  • Expensive accessories required

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