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The "ULTRA-LITE 31" from Parker Bows ~ 05/22/02


Weight: 2 lb. 9 oz.
Axle to Axle length: 31"
Cam: Super One-Cam Machined Aluminum
Letoff: 80% (65% module available)
Draw Lengths: 23", 24", 25", 26", 27", 28", 29" or 30"
Draw Weight: 50,60 and 70 Lb.peak weights
AMO Speed: 240 (30" 60# 540grain )
IBO Speed: 310 (30" 70# 350grain )
Brace Height: 7"
Riser: Machined 6061 Aluminum in Right or Left Hand
Limbs: Hand Crafted POWER-TUFF Composite by Gordon
Handle: Crafted Walnut

The Perfect Treestand Bow?

When I first drew this bow from it's brown cardboard carton, my 12 year old daughter asked immediately if this was a "new bow" for her! That's just how small this bow is. Short by any standard, only 31 inches axle to axle and weighs in at only 2.9 pounds naked. But any resemblance to a youth bow stops right there!

Setup & Out On The Range:

I wanted to get the most out of this little bow, so the first thing I did was equip the Ultra-Lite 31 with a new Zero Effect arrow rest from the good folks at Muzzy Products Corp. This drop away style arrow rest increased the velocity of my old hunting bow some 7 feet per second and usually increases velocity some 3 to 4 feet per second to most any bow setup. So, the Zero was the first thing I reached for when I got ready to set her up. Next I added a Golden Key Tranquilizer Stabilizer for balance and to keep any noise down to a minimum. And last but not least, I popped on a rear peep site and front fiber pin site to line things up and she was ready to go.

Fast? Yep! Not the fastest bow on the market today, but plenty of speed. The Ultra-Lite 31 clocked in at 272 feet per second launching a 27 inch carbon shaft with 3 four inch plastic vains and tipped with a 100 grain field point. The total weight of this projectile is 377 grains and the draw length/weight was set at 29 inches/65 lbs. So if you have a "need for speed", there is a good bit more that you could squeeze out of the Ultra-Lite 31 if you cranked up the draw weight a bit and/or lenghten the draw out to 30 inches and of course you could shoot a lighter shaft if you like.

The Ultra-Lite 31 not only draws very smooth, but rolls over to a solid stop at the wall that one can hold back all day with it's 80% let off. I really expected a bow of this size and light weight to have a lot of torque and vibration upon release, but this is not the case. I'm no expert archer and don't claim to be, but I have shot a fair amount of arrows and this bow is as smooth and clean shooting as any I have personally shot. And last but not least, the fine walnut hand grip not only looks good, but it fits the hand very nicely.

Bottom Line:

With 20 plus years of bow hunting behind me now, this Parker looks like the answer to my prayers. I have always been in pursuit of a small, lightweight hunting bow. A bow that is not only ideal to use while one is perched upon a small hang-on style treestand 25 feet up in thick cover and great for slipping through the thick stuff, but one that shoots with "authority" as well. And that's what I found this bow to do, it shoot's hard as nails, but doesn't "jar my teeth" at the same time. If you are perched on a treestand, it's compact size will really reduce the chance of you bumping a shooting rail or a limb and this could be the difference between you arrowing a whitetail or watching a whitetail scooting off into the distance! The real test will come in a few months when it takes to the Tennessee deer woods with me for the first time. I have a feeling it will do just fine!

Good Hunt'n,
Dennis Goldsby
Publisher ~ AlDeer/TnDeer.Com

Special thanks to these fine folks:
Smoky Mountain Outfitters for acquiring the Ultra-Lite 31 for us
Muzzy Products for providing us with the Zero Effect Arrow Rest
Golden Key for providing us with the Tranquilizer Stabilizer
Shelby Forest Archery Pro Shop for Technical Assistance