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Interesting Couple of days!

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Interesting Couple of days!

Postby X-Tennessean » Sat May 23, 2020 9:56 pm

Yesterday and today a place about 30 minutes from the house held the first Exotic Sale since 1992, 5-H Exotic Sale.
Their dad started back in 1972 and had a couple sales annually up until 92', $5 a head to get in and VERY crowded but it was crazy to see some of the animals that were sold and the prices of them!!
People came and brought animals from all over the world, several that were petting zoo's or drive through park owners to your everyday hobbyist.

It was NOT a place for someone just looking for a pet (me)!! lol
For example, simmental bottle babies (I assume show or 4-H) brought $800-$1100!! Plain ol holstein bottle calves brought 4-$600

On the Exotic side.....Mini Hereford bottle baby $3300, Zebu babies-$400-$700, Highlander babies....$3000+, Capuchin monkeys...$12,000, Kangaroos, Water Buffalo, Bison, all kinds of birds, tortoise, porcupines, crocs, alligators, blackbuck babies, elk, all kinds of goats and sheep, bottle camels and adults, bottle zebra, zedonks!!! You name it and I think it was there.....I couldn't even pronounce or had ever heard of some of the critters that were there.

The craziest (and smartest) thing I saw was a fella had several bottle baby calves. With the babies he had milk goats (Lamancha etc) well the goats were raising the bottle calves!!! He had 7 different pairs that the babies were trained on the bottle and goats!!
Sold the babies (4-$900) then turned around and sold the goats....plain ol milk goats that brought $400-$600!!!! I couldn't believe it.

I did meet several nice folks sitting beside or around us, one family actually only lives 40 minutes from the house. They spent several thousand bucks and are just hobbyist....I told them we will just swing by for a visit as it was all to rich for my blood!!! lol

I wish I could have taken pics or video to share but they were very adamant on NO pictures or videos during the sale.
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