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Funny story

Arrowheads, pieces of eight, mini balls, reclics, & other stuff...

Funny story

Postby Tenntrapper » Mon Sep 30, 2019 8:45 pm

I just found this "catagory" here on the forum. Made me remember something that gave me a laugh. My grandfather retired from UT Knoxville back in the early 70's. He had hunted arrowheads most of his life. We grandkids walked many a mile with him looking for arrowheads growing up. He had a HUGE collection of stuff when he retired. Most of it he donated to UT, when he moved to Florida. Anyway, by the late 70's he had moved back to his birth town of Pikeville, TN. And was searching again. Growing up, I lived with him alot and spent many hours walking the fields, digging in shelters, and such. Again, he had accumulated another massive collection...his house was packed with the stuff. Anyway, the funny part... One summer in the 80's I was down there, and he was digging holes in his back yard, and then carrying 5 gal buckets of arrowheads out there and pouring them in the holes. My gosh, we must have carried 20 or more buckets out there. When I asked him why he was burying them, he just laughed and said "long after I'm gone, someone will be digging around back here and think they've hit a burial site or something". Definitely the mother load. God as my witness, that is a true story. My grandfather passed in 2000. It's all yours, if you can find it...
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Re: Funny story

Postby cbhunter » Mon Sep 30, 2019 9:14 pm

That is cool. Pm me the coordinates!!

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