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bait and lure prices increasing...

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bait and lure prices increasing...

Postby pass-thru » Sun Aug 12, 2018 11:35 pm

Most trappers probably already know, but prices are taking about a 25% jump. Some dealers have already posted the increases on their websites, the rest are expected to do so any day now as new catalogs come out for the coming year. If you need some stuff, I'd get the order with MTP by Monday night, seriously.

I already have probably a lifetime supply of lure and bait but ordered more anyway. Probably because I am basically a full blown junky on that stuff. Ever now and then you stumble across a new one that makes a big difference in catch numbers. I already have a lot of my go to stuff....like several pints of backbreaker.....so I was just trying new stuff out this time around. Jut fooling around I did a quick video of the unboxing:

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