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Kayak Question

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Kayak Question

Postby Displaced_Vol » Tue Mar 24, 2020 6:58 pm

Here’s a question I haven’t found much online about- anybody ever tried or had a kayak hydro dipped?
I bought a used kayak a couple years ago, it’s a vibe with their “orange/camo” paint job-
I bought it for fishing and access while duck hunting. Meaning, I never planned to hunt out of the kayak, just use it to access a site then hide/stash the kayak while hunting. End of this duck season found us hunting backwater that was far too deep to get out of the boat. I tried covering the brighter parts of the kayak with some old blind material, it worked OK.

Got to thinking it would really be better to have it drab or camo. I have heard the kayak material is very tough to paint, so I wondered if anyone had ever tried to have one dipped the way gun stocks are being done?
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