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John L. Sloan "Bowriter"

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John L. Sloan "Bowriter"

Postby Kirk » Thu Aug 13, 2020 11:18 am


When you are memorializing a "larger than life" character like "Bowriter", sometimes it is best left to the people that knew him best.

Larry Woody Wilson Post.
In addition to being a gifted writer, John was also a rodeo rider, rodeo promoter, hunting and fishing guide, acclaimed photographer, radio and TV host, and musician. He believed life was meant to be lived, and he squeezed out every drop.

I read him for decades, including his 33 years with The Post, and we were good friends. He was a rollicking storyteller, live and in print. Years ago we went to Alabama on a fishing trip and I laughed non-stop for three days. It was like fishing with Jerry Clower. My ribs ached for a week.

Tommy Bryan Wilson Post.

Award-winning outdoor writer John L. Sloan died in the early morning hours of Tuesday, June 9. Sloan, 75, had been in declining health for the past several months.

Born in Lincoln, Ill., he spent much of his youth in Louisiana where he discovered his love for fishing and hunting.

He earned a degree in animal science/communication from the University of Wyoming and was involved with professional rodeo for much of his young adulthood.

A decorated member of the Southeastern Outdoor Press Association, Sloan also earned awards from the Tennessee Press Association and the Tennessee Outdoor Writers Association.

My most memorable John Sloan "Bowriter" moment happened in a giant Pine plantation down in South Alabama. My son Kyle was 12 and we shared a hunting camp with John Sloan in Alabama during a juvenile deer hunt back in 2006. When I learned of John's death, Kyle and I text back and forth for several minutes and shared some memories of that hunt and our time with John. Kyle had a successful hunt and at the end of the long day, John and I stood on the edge of a big field. A huge Alabama doe laid at our feet. Kyle had this big, confident grin as he admired his doe. John leaned over in close to me and almost whispered, "Don't ever let this moment go."

A few weeks later I get a big envelope in the mail from John Sloan. I opened it and found a page from the The Wilson Post's, Outdoor section. There front and center was a picture of Kyle in the skinning shed with his huge doe. It dwarfed him. A hand written note was inside along with the article. "Here is the tear sheet from the article I wrote on the White Oak hunt. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as did writing it."

Share your favorite "Bowriter" moments below.
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Re: John L. Sloan "Bowriter"

Postby Deer Assassin » Mon Aug 17, 2020 9:09 am

John was a character indeed. He will be missed.
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Re: John L. Sloan "Bowriter"

Postby oldmanelrod » Fri Oct 16, 2020 2:01 pm

Met Mr. Sloan one time at Fall Creek Falls golf course. He and Jimmy Holt were playing a round. Both men were very nice. We sat and talked about the TV show I saw them on weekly. He answered several of my questions. Seemed to be a very nice man.
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