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Creating cover quickly - think this will work?

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Creating cover quickly - think this will work?

Postby docpoco » Tue Dec 03, 2019 10:44 am

One of the things I have realized is that the ideas of having a pretty green food plot to draw mature bucks is a bit of a fantasy, and I haven't put enough emphasis on cover.

The properties we hunt are 90% open woods, and I'd like to go in and start creating bedding/fawning areas.

I've got this idea in mind, but basically goes like this.

1. Use a dozer or tractor rake to clear the ground of a lot of leaves and debris over, creating open seed bed in 2-4 acre patches.
2. The I'd like to over-seed with a really tall growing grass like egyptian wheat, sorghum and millet in early spring.
3. Then clear cut and hinge cut heavily.

Possibly swap the order of 2 and 3 depending on how access appears.

Has anyone ever done anything like this? Does it sound like a decent plan?

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Re: Creating cover quickly - think this will work?

Postby JCDEERMAN » Tue Dec 03, 2019 11:59 am

1. Using a dozer to rake the ground could damage some of the acorn producing trees' root systems - A prescribed fire would be much more beneficial.
2. I wouldn't over-seed with anything. I'd much rather have natural grasses and growth for wildlife.
3. I would not hinge-cut - I would hack & squirt - much better for establishing and maintaining ample sunlight hitting the ground.

Check these links out below...

https://www.growingdeer.tv/#/improving- ... ack-squirt

https://www.growingdeer.tv/#/deer-manag ... food-plots

Spend some time on this site. A LOT of very valuable information. Good luck...

We do many of Dr. Grant Wood's techniques on our property
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Re: Creating cover quickly - think this will work?

Postby DoubleRidge » Fri Dec 06, 2019 7:35 am

Absolutely agree with JCDEERMAN's recommendation ^ and you are correct...in addition to good food...they need good cover....and allowing more sunlight to reach forest floor you can get the best of both.
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